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Affiliated distributor for W.R. Berkley Insurance Nordic and EIR Insurance.


Registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Insurance, on demand.

An insurance tailored for rentals

Finally, an insurance tailor-made for renting.

​Our number one priority is to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your platform. As soon as an incident occurs, we will be there for your user. We provide them with superfast service and will reimburse or solve the problem in the best possible way.

Creates growth on the platform

We make it safer to share products and resources, both for individuals and businesses. Insuring the rental increases both the conversion and the average order value on the platform.

In addition, our smart algorithms reduce fraud, reduce the risk for new damages and promotes good behavior on the platform.

Mitigates churn

Easy to get started

​It is easy to get started with Omocom. If you don’t have the opportunity to integrate our API with your platform you can use our less digital solution. This option enables insured transactions the day after we sign an agreement. We hope that all platforms we work with, at some point, will upgrade and integrate our API as it comes with many automated advantages. We will be there for you when you are ready.


Everything indicates that we must change how we use our resources.

 Omocom is part of a global trend aimed to enable circular and more resource-efficient consumption.

We want to keep existing products in use.


Our digital insurance solution makes all kind of renting and sharing easier, no matter if you share a car, share a screw driver or rent a house. 


Want to offer insurance in your customers purchase process? Our product Opt-in is the way forward.

  • Your customers choose if they want to add insurance with one click

  • Opportunity to offer different types of insurances and different levels of coverage

  • On-demand, digital and automagic


Do you want all of the transactions to be insured? Check out our solution All-in.

  • All transactions are automatically insured

  • Insurance is included on the platform

  • Your customers do not need to actively choose insurance

  • Increases conversion rate

  • Possibility to add opt-in insurance in addition to the basic coverage

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