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Om oss

Ola Lowden

Lawyer with 8 years’ experience in data flows and digital trade. Have given lectures on the circular economy at universities and organizations such as the UN, WTO and CIFTIS as well as both the EU-parliament, commission and the Swedish Riksdag. Have been appointed expert in several parliamentary committees. Master of Laws, Uppsala University and Paris II.

CEO, Founder

Tobias Mård

Tobias has more than 20 years of experience from digital solutions. Highly experienced within tech and digital business development, sales and management in several branches together with entrepreneurial experience. More than 10 years of experience in banking-insurance solutions. Has founded/co-founded several companies all with a digital touch such as Tromb.

CTO, Founder

Sara Forsberg

Sara has over a decade of experience working with all aspects regarding sales at various SaaS companies within fintech. Sara was part of building and scaling up Klarnas sales departement across Europe applying culture, leadership and training and raised the bar for sales performance. Recognized with several awards, including “Salesperson of the Year”, twice, among 150+ salesreps.


Isak Albihn

Spent 4 years with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a pioneer of the concept circular economy. Isak has led projects for the foundations partner organizations such as Google, h&m, Solvay and the World Economic Forum, to explore the business potential of the circular economy approach. Master of Business and Sustainability, Lund University and Singapore Management University.


Ellinore Gustafsson

Has a PhD in mathematical statistics from Stockholm university. More than ten years experience as actuary. Former head of the actuarial department at Bliwa insurance and member of the board at several insurance companies. Has worked extensively with implementation of the actuarial implementation of Solvency II as well as risk calculation, reserving, pricing and method development.


Anders Hallberg



Emanuel Badehi Kullander

Board experience from the Swedish Electrotechnical Standardisation Organization. Regulatory trade expert with experience from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Master of Laws, Uppsala University.

Chair, Founder

Johan Vidlund

Has spent the last 15 years at Aon global risk consulting where he worked with administration and bookkeeping for several insurance companies. Before that Johan was Group consolidation manager and group controller at Skandia where he was responsible for Captive administration in several markets worldwide.


Andreas Lalloo

Andreas has been working in the software development industry for more than 20 years. He has a strong background in operations management solutions in telecom and fintech environments at companies such as Ericsson and OMX/NASDAQ. Most of his career he has engaged in product development spanning several release cycles and long-term operations and has been working many years as Principal Development Lead at Microsoft, Seattle, WA and Silicon Valley, CA.


Haddy Taal

Haddy is a Human Resources professional with over 10 years of diverse HR experience, both corporate and freelance. Passionate about and well experienced in Human Resources Strategy related to Corporate Culture and Employee Engagement. She has the ability to visualize success and identify innovative and effective strategies within the company for not only surviving, but thriving in the future.


Filip Lindskog

MSc KTH Royal Institute of Technology 2000, PhD ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 2004, Assistant/associate professor at the division of mathematical statistics at KTH 2004-2015, director of studies in financial mathematics at KTH 2009-2015, director of the master's program Applied and Computational Mathematics at KTH 2012-2015, director of the master's program Actuarial Mathematics at SU since 2016, professor of insurance mathematics at Stockholm University since 2015, head of the division Mathematical Statistics since 2018. Editor of Scandinavian Actuarial Journal.