On demand insurances

for the circular economy.

Making it easier and safer to share

More and more people have realized the benefits of sharing and renting things instead of owning them. Although many want to share things, houses and services, many people feel unsafe. And for obvious reasons. If something unforeseen should occur, you may likely not be covered by insurance.  

That’s why we have developed an insurance that is tailor-made for sharing and renting on digital platforms. You can easily buy our micro insurance directly on your sharing economy  platform. We want to make it easier for everyone to share what they have and become part of the world of sharing.  

Better for the planet and your wallet.



Up to 75 percent of people are reluctant to use sharing platforms and share their personal belongings, homes or services without the necessary insurance in place. Using the latest technology, we can offer people the security that is currently lacking - and thus contribute to more people daring to share their belongings. 


Buy insurance with a click. To make it as simple as possible, our insurance policies are integrated into the buying process on the sharing platforms with which we cooperate. When you share, you are given the opportunity to buy insurance so that you can safely rent and share things with others. Insurance when you need it, as simple as that. 


A circular economy does not follow traditional consumption patterns. We don't either. We are therefore not a traditional insurance company. Our insurance policies can be adapted and integrated with virtually all purchase processes and platforms. Through a flexible API, we can create an insurance cover that suits a growing number of users worldwide. 


Our algorithms create a secure  environment for anyone who wants to share or rent their items. In this way, we can predict and counteract fraud or criminal conduct. When you buy insurance, we review and create a risk assessment for you, giving you peace of mind when sharing. At the same time, we adhere to all data protection and GDPR policies and regulations. We apply the principles of embedded data protection and data protection as standard. 

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