Danish P2P marketplace Pinploy in new Omocom collaboration

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Pinploy is the Danish P2P company that since 2018 has added value to Danish society by providing practical services between people in need and helpful individuals via its platform. The company aims to gather various types of practical services on the platform, and everything between simple construction jobs, moving and dog grooming to garden work is offered.

As of January 2021, insurance via Omocom, in collaboration with W. R. Berkley Nordic as a risk carrier, is included in all assignments performed. The insurance solution means that the customer of a service gets the deductible cost on their home insurance reimbursed if something should go wrong during the assignment. The insurance means extra security for the customer, who does not have to worry about extra costs if something unforeseen should happen during the assignment.

“In addition to the fact that it feels fantastic to contribute to the Danish community, it feels incredibly fun to collaborate with Pinploy and deliver a needed insurance solution that creates security and lowers the threshold for those who previously hesitated to hire help via their platform.

We hope and strongly believe that this collaboration will contribute to even more people daring to use this type of service” says Sara Forsberg CCO at Omocom.

It is completely free to place an ad for the help you need, and it’s up to the customer if you want to set you own price for the service, or get suggestions from similar assignments on which you then approve or refuse. The help is then performed by Pinploy-verified people, who become trust-rated after previous assignments on the platform. The prices on the platform are up to 70% cheaper than the market prices for similar services, and the offer is shown on a map so that the customer can easily find help nearby.

Founder and CEO Saxo Merrild says in a comment:

"If we can give the Danes more time and funds, then we are winning!"

The company's motto is that it should be easier, cheaper and safer for private individuals to find help in the local community. Read more about Pinploy: https://www.pinploy.dk/

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