MyCamper about collaborating with Omocom

In a startup context, it can be said that Omocom and MyCamper go way back and the two companies have also been office neighbors with only one glass wall that has separated them. Total transparency, literally.

MyCamper is the Swiss company that since early 2020 has also established itself on the Swedish market. Via MyCampers platform, private individuals can register their motorhomes and caravans, and rent these out to other private individuals. Much like an Airbnb for motorhomes and caravans, but with a clear competitive advantage - Safety. Safety and security is central to MyCampers' business and can be translated into a customized insurance solution via Omocom, which overlaps and covers where a traditional vehicle insurance does not cover, for example when renting out to someone else.

It is believed that an insurance solution such as Omocom's has been required for MyCamper to reach scale in its niche, and with the insurance it is now possible to reach out widely and open up an otherwise fairly closed and traditional market for renting motorhomes and caravans.

“Safety is central to our business. The first thing our customers ask us is what our insurance solution looks like. We looked around for a long time for a partner who understood our challenges and with an understanding of the circular economy, and with Omocom we had a partner who checked all the boxes"says Joakim Klingspor at MyCamper Sweden.

The collaboration with Omocom was put to the test during the summer of 2020 when a rented motorhome mysteriously stopped after crossing the Swedish-Norwegian border. In addition to the stress that a broken borrowed motorhome causes, this also happened in the middle of the corona crisis, which caused the stress to reach a new level.

Thoughts dizzying and questions about if the announced corona restrictions affected the insurance terms dizzying among both tenants and employees of the companies.

Thanks to a fine cooperation and understanding from all parties involved, everything was resolved in a good way, and the customer experience was good all through even though it was occasionally sweaty behind the glass wall in the office. The motorhome had to stop at a hotel car park in Hommelvik, until it was towed back to the owner's hometown. The tenants were picked up by kind parents-in-law and had to end their holiday in a different place than originally planned.

About Omocom's customer service, Joakim from MyCamper says:

“In the few cases where we have had to report a damage via Omocom, the service has been world-class - Fast response times and with a superb care of our customers. The customers who have been affected have all been very grateful that they have received help and that they have actually got their requirements through”

Omocom's CMO Sara Forsberg says: "Apart from the fact that it is extremely fun to work with MyCamper, we have together developed the customized insurance solution that is now in place, so that more people will dare to rent out but also have the opportunity to experience nature. Both MyCamper's business concept and Omocom's insurance product is built for expanding internationally and we look forward to growing together".

Read more about MyCamper: https://mycamper.se/

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