Omocom AB


Malmskillnadsgatan 32 5

111 51 Stockholm

Vxl 08 - 520 278 70

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Affiliated distributor for W.R. Berkley Insurance Nordic.


Registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

On-demand insurance for the circular economy 

A change in how we handle our resources is needed.


Omocom is part of a global development promoting circular and more resource efficient consumption.

An insurance tailored for rentals

Creates growth on the platform

  • Safer to both rent and rent out

  • Reduced risk for fraud

  • Incentivising good behaviour

Mitigates churn

  • Superfast service when theft, damage or losses occur

  • Increasing rate of recurring users

Easy to get started

  • Integrate our service straight away

  • Tell your users that they are insured tomorrow


Opt in

  • Just a click and you are insured

  • Option to insure rental available

  • Choose between different insurance packages

  • On-demand

All in

  • Protection, part of the deal

  • Insurance is included on the platform

  • No need to actively choose insurance

  • Included

What we insure